General Family Practice

Its all about being healthy!

We know it is hard enough balancing all you do everyday.  So we make it very easy for you to schedule an appointment to have yourself, your child or spouse cared for.  We offer the very best doctors to our Kingston community and all who are able to come to our office.  We invite you to experience the difference Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute offers.

We have a full staff of doctors we are able to see you at all times of the day. 

Family Medicine (General Practice) in Jamaica can be a very challenging and fascinating experience. General Practice here is very similar to that in other westernised countries with most GPs having patient list sizes between 500 to 2000 and providing a full range of primary care services to them.
  In some practices, some GPs may choose to provide obstetric services, minor surgery clinics and may even provide some anesthetic services to local hospitals however we can do it all here at Winchester Surgical and Medical of Kingston Jamaica.

"It is the joy of being deeply involved in the Jamaican community that is attracting so many doctors from all over the world here. There is no better way of learning about life and society in Jamaica than by working as a Family Medicine Practitioner." -Dr. Bazille

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