Medical Tourism

Soaring health care costs and long waits for medical procedures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality, affordable treatment. That is why EMed Air Ambulance service has provide a group membership to help you save on costs.  Call them today at 876-312-1119 for more details on how you can join the group membership plan. 

Whether you need surgery or life-saving procedures, you might have to dig deep into your wallet or wait several months before receiving the medical or dental care that you require.

Or you could try medical tourism and receive quality care for a fraction of the price and without the long wait!

The WINCHESTER SURGICAL & MEDICAL HOSPITAL, Affiliated with EMED GLOBAL, stands among Jamaica and the Caribbean regions most advanced medical center providing quality services in adherence with strict medical guidelines as set forth by its protocols, and recognized by it as the only Hospital selected by EMED GLOBAL and the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND to represent its medical care philosophy throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

At WINCHESTER SURGICAL & MEDICAL HOSPITAL, international patients will find:

1. An International Marketing Office that has links to the middlemen of health services in various parts of the world.
2. Highly skilled and bilingual staff.
3. Offers the following services: preventive medicine and surgical packages, preoperative, post operative and general services.
4. Coordination for transportation arrangements, lodging and domestic tourism tours.
5. Coordination for purchase and rental of medical equipment.
6. Offers competitive market prices.
7. Customized Service for each and every patient.